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Terms and Conditions to Participate at NDRL 2024

1. Eligibility:

  • You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the NDRL.
  • You must fill up above form.
  • You must have your own custom built FPV Quad/ Drone.
  • You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing drone racing in Nepal’s jurisdiction.

2. Registration and Fees: 

  • Registration for NDRL 2024 is free.
  • Multiple registrations will not be allowed.

3. Equipment:

  • All drones competing in the NDRL must comply with NDRL technical regulations.
  • Pilots are responsible for the safety and functionality of their drones.
  • The NDRL reserves the right to deny participation to drones that do not meet safety standards.

4. Conduct and Safety:

  • All participants must conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to verbal abuse, sabotage, and physical assault, will result in disciplinary action.
  • All participants must prioritize safety at all times. This includes following all NDRL safety guidelines and procedures, as well as respecting the personal space and safety of other participants, spectators, and officials.
  • Failure to comply with safety rules may result in disqualification, suspension, or other disciplinary action.

5. Data and Media:

  • The NDRL may collect and use participant data for various purposes, including registration, communication, and event administration.
  • The NDRL reserves the right to capture and use photos, videos, and other media of participants for promotional and marketing purposes.
  • Participants may opt out of the use of their data or image by contacting the NDRL.

6. Liability:

  • Participants agree to hold the NDRL, its organizers, sponsors, and officials harmless from any and all liability arising from their participation in NDRL events or activities.
  • Participants are responsible for obtaining their own insurance to cover any damage or injuries resulting from their participation.

7. Modifications:

  • The NDRL reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.
  • Your continued participation in the NDRL constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions.

8. Additional Terms:

  • These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the NDRL event is held.
  • Any disputes arising under these Terms and Conditions will be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the CAAN.

9. Contact:

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact the NDRL at ndrl2024@garudx.com


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